I Drink Piss

The Late Bestial Butcher

1“I Drink Piss”

I bet these straight dudes enjoy wiping that shit from their ass with disgust.

I bet these gay dudes enjoys taking dick up the ass; you know that’s a must,

that’s why I never wipe, I don’t pick fruits unless it’s ripe, God help me control my lusts. 

I hate kids, not the underage gang-bang and I’ll have a never-never wife until I rust!

You know she loves girls allot more but being straight pays the bills,

and she’s dunking packs of dicks a day who cares if smoking kills. 

When I greet her its the same; no one can tell me why is this, her eye’s wide open every-time that we kiss. 

Shop pops open at work but at home you need to bang on the door; she makes me work for it, beg for it, when she throws the show on for me its bliss. 

I’m not quite comfortable with her fuck jobs and suck jobs but a stranger-danger needs to watch her kids. 

Is it real now or was it real on the days that I’ve missed? 

Swaying away to sleep on the rhythm of the opera; fat bitches calming me down when I’m pissed, 

I guess I was only good enough to be crossed-off your stupid bucket list; 

strung me up to bleed out, I still reminisce on the crush ice in your mouth it almost made me piss. 

Believe it or not I’m working real hard to ensure your net worth less than the watches on my wrist! 

Yeah you don’t love me anymore; you don’t want me anymore, plaything, that little man-whore but at least you and yours aren’t rich! 

I want to be rich and stressed out like rappers; Dr. Imani prescribe me those toddler meds, whipping cookie dough for no reason in the kitch’

I think my ex girl owe me something I just can’t figure it out and even when I do I think it still won’t be enough, that stupid pretty bitch! 

I was treating her like a nice girl but she was beaten by another guy treating her like the whore she was, that’s when I knew all pretty girls like being hanged, skinned and lynched. 

You know who knows what’s going on behind these doors, no outward evidence my mind is in disarray.

All these bitches do, is to use what you say today against you some way some other day, 

and here I am thinking we should let bygones be dried bones in closets tucked away. 

I just want to fuck in peace, I just want to paint a masterpiece, I want to be sucked off while I’m putting on the finishing touches and when I cum that is it for the day. 

That sticky honey that pure white creamy milk; 

hired this hoe to open her mouth, I got that sticky milk for you to drink, 

I love that pussy stink please don’t wash off by my sink. 

When the day is over please piss on my face; piss on my back, piss on my stomach when I rest up in my grave. Let them boys piss in my food when I go to prison for your death; piss on my soul when I go to hell by the wishes of your last breath, soak me in sin that holly golden piss until I’m rank. 

In a pool of your shit I sank; 

some got in my mouth, you can count on it, I drank! 

Tell me those fucking lies you stupid pretty bitch what the fuck else did you all think?

Dead End. 

The Late Bestial Butcher 1991 - 2091


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