I'm Satisfied!

The Late Bestial Butcher

1I’m Satisfied”

Since 09 satisfaction has never been my thing, 

wanting more lessons after school bell rings.

Drowning in love when I heard you sang,

If it isn’t what it was I’d given you a ring.

She brings me things I didn’t ask of makes me King. 

Can’t this suffice?

No peas but rice, 

hot drinks no ice, 

half truths and lies!

Give me a baby when I’m out I’ll treat you so nice. 

I love you better when you’re not around;

It’s you I’m holding if he doesn’t make a sound, 

but we both need collateral, 

I can’t just be the one with capital. 

When we don’t feel pain we belong to the material, 

ground me oh God I’ve been so Celestial. 

Just gonna let me imagine what Heaven is like when that slit could make me feel special, 

don’t let me beg you when new pictures of you is crucial. 

Driving around Miami trying to find you but in our hearts is where the devil live. 

I got so hot in Miami I took so many lives. 

This could be the wrong decision but I’ll live if you’re the consequence.

Trying to sniff fresh air but all I got was your vagina scent and crack beneath my nose, 

tried so hard to drink my lust away but all the bars already closed. 

Close my eyes as they close my cell bars and all I can see is sexy bitches without clothes; 

I should read the Bible grab what’s left of my soul before heaven close it’s doors. 

Instead I’m deep in sin, instead I’m deep in him, he’s fresh in hell yet blind eyes by the prison guards. 

I need you now but until then I’m satisfied behind these prison walls.

Dead End. 

The Late Bestial Butcher 1991 - 2091

From: ryzoncity 

By: imuzi Thompson 

© May 31, 2021


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